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Connect with your data from multiple different data sources inside or outside of your business.

Explore, track, compare, drill-down and forecast features help you make the right decisions for your business so you can think and act fast.



Ask Firefly questions about your data using natural language querying – the way you would ask a person – and have it shown to you in meaningful visualisations.

Create reports using our easy drag and drop functionality – and monitor all of your KPIs in one place.



Share real-time reports on the web with colleagues and clients, whether they are in the office or on the go.

Keep your whole business on the same page. Make accurate data-driven decisions. Improve your business performance – and get a quick return on your investment in Firefly.



Firefly is unique. Firefly offers business reporting, analysis, ETL, database development and requirements management in one, ready to use, easy to use, solution.

Uncover your information for better decision making.



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Firefly is flexible

On the go

Firefly sends the latest information to your mobile device, giving you access to your critical business data when you need it, at any time of the day, no matter where you are. With push notifications directly to your mobile device Firefly will make sure you are constantly in the know.


In the Cloud

As companies maintain the pressure to reduce costs, Firefly’s cost model include the Software as a Service (SaaS) application option – supporting cost reductions, while maximising businesses performance.

SaaS offers a fast and easy deployment option – without any technical team involvement.



On Premise

You want to keep everything in house? Firefly can be deployed to your internal servers allowing you to manage all of your data and information locally.


Providing solutions that really work

Our customers often have Complex Business Rules and Big Data requirements. Firefly is designed for this reason.

Firefly enables businesses to maximise the value of their data by integrating multiple data sets into a single solution. Keeping everything you need to report on your business performance in one place.

On site or in the cloud, and from simple reporting to complex analytics, Firefly utilises latest technologies to deliver the best requirements for your business, and scales with your business and your budget.

Don’t spend your valuable time analyising your data in spreadsheets from multiple systems. Let the simplicity of Firefly’s analytics do that, while you focus on the areas of the business that need you – while Firefly makes your data work for you.



Dynamic-BI is committed to maintaining a strong collaborative partnership network to complements our own services and products. These partner relationships enable us to deliver rapid and effective solutions across all sectors.

Microsoft Partner

As a Microsoft Silver partner we maintain a highly skilled group of Business Intelligence consultants who have developed and supported complex Business Intelligence deployments across a wide variety of sectors and industries.
The Microsoft portfolio within the Business Intelligence and analytics area have grown significantly over the last few years, with the right level of support and services, they offer excellent capability and value for all business needs.

Roambi Partner

Roambi is part of the MeLLmo™ group, headquartered in San Diego, California, with additional offices throughout the United States, EMEA and Asia. Roambi has a worldwide customer base of Global 500 companies and SMBs across a diverse range of industries including:telecommunications, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, consumer technology, packaged goods and others. For more information on MeLLmo or Roambi, visit their website
Roambi’s products provide the capability to deliver critical analysis and reporting capabilities on the move. Dynamic-BI is working with Roambi to integrate these capabilities into its solutions and product offerings.

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