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Dynamic-BI’s mission is to drive ‘information for everyone’.

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Our Story

Dynamic-BI was founded by Roland Spiers. A company specialising in solutions to improve business performance for companies of all sizes, by changing the way intelligence is provided and how people manage information. Dynamic-BI is leading the way in developing advanced BI solutions utilising our purpose built Firefly product. The company’s end-to-end approach to delivering complex solutions brings reporting, analysis, data processing, database development and requirements management together in an easy to understand package, manageable by the end user. Creating an enhanced user experience. The results can be accessed from any smart device, allowing organisations of any size to easily access to their business data – regardless of the geographical location of the user.

Information for Everyone


Dynamic-BI’s goal is to simplify the world of Business Intelligence – making information accessible to all levels of the business, without the need for technical teams to engage in expensive projects, delivering the same high quality results without the high cost.

To achieve our mission, Dynamic-BI works with your business to:

  • Engage your teams in developing a real business-owned and business-driven solution;
  • Make the BI solution accessible and manageable for your business teams, wherever they are based;
  • Improve your business performance based on real measures from within your business;
  • Achieve your business goals.

We understand your BI needs and understand how important it is to share your information with others, no matter what business sector you are in.

The home of Information Management

Our flexible information and decision making platform helps you manage your business more effectively.

Here at Dynamic-BI we help you get the right information from your data. Whether you are in the office, or on the go, we have a solution that can help.

Our Information Management and Performance Management solutions are deployed in both the commercial and public sector organisations.

You don’t have to be an enterprise company to use our product. Firefly has been designed to work for small to medium sized businesses too, and at a price you can afford.

Many of our customers have to deal with complex business rules and large data volumes as part of their requirements.

Dynamic-BI enables their businesses to maximise the value of their data by integrating multiple data sets into a single solution. We can help you bring all of your data together into one central data warehouse.

How can Dynamic-BI help you?

Dynamic-BI delivers both technical and business facing consulting services to support all aspects of our flexible information and decision making platform Firefly, from delivery and start-up through to Information Management. No matter how big or small your business is, we offer our own unique consultancy service making a difference to the way you work. If there is a specific problem you need to tackle, or want to improve on your existing processes then we can help you.


The solutions and services delivered by Dynamic-BI address gaps in the BI industry. The technology we offer improves business decision-making by delivering timely accurate information to all our users, and provides an understanding of Business Information and makes informative suggestions about their data to help their business succeed.


The effective information solutions that Dynamic-BI has designed for business can provide a much needed competitive advantage in today’s challenging and competitive business environment. As businesses are under increasing pressure to deliver flexible, strategic solutions quickly, Firefly is well position to make the difference your business needs.